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Help Peter Finish His Race

What did you do this weekend ?

Peter Delmastro a Manchester Police Employee road a bike 200 miles in rain, cold and wind over 2 days to raise $8,314 to fight cancer in the Pan Mass Challenge.

Peter participated in first Pan Mass Challenge and road for his nephew Nicholas Mardanas who lost his battle with Hodgkins Lymphoma at age 29. Being an avid bike rider he never saw himself riding in a fundraiser until
he heard about how much Dana Farber did for Nicholas and others. He felt inspired, and as he told me tonight every time he got tired his nephew was on his shoulders cheering him on to finish.

Tonight Peter returned to Manchester greeted by members of MPD at his house, neighbors, friends, and relatives. I had the opportunity to meet Peter and he also told his story to WMUR. He is physically exhausted but emotionally charged and ready to keep going.

Although Peter raised $8,314 his goal is to hit $10,000 and would love YOUR HELP. It is NOT too late and you can still donate and I would love to everyone make this go viral and help him hit $10,000 or higher.

If you can help please click on the link below to Peters Profile and DONATE to a cause which ensures 100% of every donation goes to help those with Cancer and finding a cure.

Peter’s Profile

Peter’s Email
[email protected]
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