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AUBURN, NH — On June 1, 2020 at 2:00 pm Auburn Fire, Derry Fire and Chester Rescue responded to Londonderry Turnpike for a tractor-trailer accident.
Upon their arrival they had a single tractor-trailer unit which had been traveling North on Londonderry Turnpike and crossed over the Southbound lane and crashed into the woods. The impact of the accident brought down power lines which caused a small fire.
Fire / EMS crews assessed the male driver and declared him deceased at the scene according to Auburn Police Chief Raymond Pelton. Auburn Police immediately closed the turnpike and set up detours at Spofford Road and Rattlesnake Hill Road to route traffic around the accident. Power is out in the area and it is unknown how many customers are affected.
According to Pelton the roadway will be closed for several hours and the detours will remain in place until the road can safely be re-opened.
NH State Police Troop G is on scene assisting in the investigation with Auburn Police.
The truck involved in the accident had left the Auburn Transfer facility and was loaded with items removed from the facility. Some of the contents spilled on the ground from trucks cargo area. The truck has the markings of MBI on the cab and trailer of the truck. Two representatives were on scene from MBI.
No other vehicles appear to be involved according to Pelton. The name of the driver will not be released until an appropriate time.
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