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AUBURN, NH — On June 5, 2021 Auburn police, fire, and Derry fire responded to a reported vehicle into a tree on Beaver Brook Road Saturday at about 9 am.
First arriving crews found a "side-by-side" type ATV that had collided with a tree on the Northside of the roadway. Fire and EMS worked to two access the two occupants of the vehicle. DHART medical helicopter was put on standby.
Craig Ford, 34, and Wendy Ford, 51 both from Auburn were in the ATV and pronounced deceased at the scene.
Auburn police notified New Hampshire Fish and Game who responded to the scene. Auburn Police Sgt. James Huard said that due to the accident occurring on a public road Auburn Police with the assistance of the Londonderry Police Accident Reconstruction Team will handle the investigation.
Huard confirmed that the two people killed in the accident were not wearing a helmet when the vehicle struck the tree. The initial investigation indicates that speed appears to be a factor in the crash. The two people who died were the only occupants of the ATV, and it does not appear any other vehicles were involved.
The vehicle he described by Huard as a "side-by-side" can legally be used on the roadway with the proper registration.
The roadway remained closed for several hours as the accident was investigated, and the Medical Examiner worked to document the incident.
Additional information will be updated as it becomes available
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