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FOM 2022-6666

FOM 2022-6666

NASHUA, NH - On March 20, 2022 Nashua Fire Rescue, police, and AMR ambulance responded to the area of Pearson Avenue for a report of a man in the Nashua River.

Responders arrived and found a man in the river who was still in the water and at the bottom of a steep embankment at about 11:40 a.m.

Firefighters put on water rescue suits while other firefighters communicated with the man who was conscious and speaking to firefighters.

Firefighters threw the man a rescue rope and assisted in pulling him up the embankment with the rescue rope. When the man reached the top of the embankment it appeared the man had several cuts that were bleeding.

The man was assisted to a waiting AMR ambulance where medics assisted him in getting warm and medically evaluated him.

At this time it is unclear how the man ended up in the river, he does not appear to be suffering from any life-threatening injuries.

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