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Manchester NH - At approx 8 PM MFD and MPD responded to a 4 car motor vehicle accident with multiple injuries at Bridge and Maple St. A chain reaction collision occurred when the rear of 4 vehicles failed to stop and collided with the cars in front of them. Engine 11 and 4 AMR ALS units transported a total of 6 patients with non-lifethreatening injuries. 5 to Elliot and 1 to CMC.
MFD ACC Bridge - Maple-6286_MFD ACC Bridge - Maple-6281_MFD ACC Bridge - Maple-6270_MFD ACC Bridge - Maple-6259_MFD ACC Bridge - Maple-6235_MFD ACC Bridge - Maple-6218_MFD ACC Bridge - Maple-6190_MFD ACC Bridge - Maple-6185_MFD ACC Bridge - Maple-6173_MFD ACC Bridge - Maple-6168_