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The Strumbellas on tour stopped by the River Music Hall right after their performance at the Newport Folk Festival. @jeffrey Hastings /
WXRV Strumbellas RMH-3596WXRV Strumbellas RMH-3451WXRV Strumbellas RMH-3472WXRV Strumbellas RMH-3620WXRV Strumbellas RMH-3556WXRV Strumbellas RMH-3408WXRV Strumbellas RMH-3431WXRV Strumbellas RMH-3466WXRV Strumbellas RMH-3592WXRV Strumbellas RMH-3382WXRV Strumbellas RMH-9818WXRV Strumbellas RMH-9829WXRV Strumbellas RMH-9866WXRV Strumbellas RMH-9875WXRV Strumbellas RMH-9890WXRV Strumbellas RMH-9894WXRV Strumbellas RMH-9900WXRV Strumbellas RMH-9903WXRV Strumbellas RMH-9907WXRV Strumbellas RMH-9911