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NASHUA, NH - Nashua Fire Rescue responded to a reported structure fire at 50 Lake Street for a reported fire Friday just before 11:00 a.m.

The first crew arrived to have smoke showing from the top floor of a large multi-unit apartment building. Firefighters discovered a fire in the wall that due to the type of construction in the building the fire quickly spread in the walls to all three floors.

Firefighters worked to search the building and assist in evacuating several apartments in the building.

Several residents, some with pets huddled together to keep warm as firefighters worked to fight the fire. The fire was brought under control within about 20 minutes from arrival.

The building had fire, smoke, and water damage from the fire. Firefighters were able to contain the majority of the damage to units A and B, the occupants will not be able to return to their apartments. Residents should be able to return to units C and D.

The cause is under investigation by the City of Nashua Fire Marshal’s office. Please contact this agency for updated information pertaining to the status of this investigation @ 603-589-3460 during business hours Monday-Friday.

Nashua Fire Deputy Kerrigan reminds people when smoke detectors sound always leave the building immediately, and close doors on your way out.

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