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FOM 2021-5654

FOM 2021-5654

Nashua Police requested the assistance of Nashua Fire Rescue, and AMR ambulance to a foot bridge off Temple Street Sunday February 28, 2021

A young man with special needs had been located under a steel beam hiding, and was in a difficult location. An assessment was made that it was unsafe
to access the individual without special precautions being taken.

Nashua Fire Rescue arrived and assessed the situation setting up ropes, and harnesses so that firegfighters and police officers could safely access the person.

The young adult male who is “non-verbal” was constantly communicated to by Nashua police officers who were familiar with the individual.

The person was safely removed, and brought to a AMR stretcher waiting for him. Due to the extended time of being out in the cold weather the person was taken
to the hospital to be medically evaluated. He did not appear to have any apparent serious injuries.

Nashua Police and fire went through extraordinary steps in communicating with the individual keeping him calm, and remaining safe.

©Jeffrey Hastings