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FOM 2019-0134

FOM 2019-0134

Members Of MFD Came Together To Help Eleven Families For The Holiday Season

Manchester Firefighters retired Firefighters, and family members brought a lot of joy to families across Manchester. Eleven families were identified as people who needed assistance for the holidays.

MFD, and employees from the Library, Tax Office and Info Systems donated money to be able to shop for the families and their children.

Equipped with a shopping list including the ages of the children the “elves” hit the stores selecting gifts and filling carriages. They returned to fire headquarters and wrapped each gift individually.

The delivery is pre-planned to happen while the children are in school, and the parents can keep Santa a secret.

The trucks were filled Friday morning with hundreds of gifts with eleven house addresses to stop at. A total of twenty-five children in the eleven families were taken care of by the group. Through the generosity of those who contributed many of the families also received a holiday meal including a turkey, and everything to go with it.

©Jeffrey Hastings