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FOM 2019-0974

FOM 2019-0974

Large Investigation Under Way At Hudson Fire Scene

About 2:07 a.m. Monday, off-duty police officer Colby Morton was heading to work when she noticed the lights which turned out to be fire on at a second-floor apartment unit at 194 Central St.

Three on-duty police officers, Robert McNally, Alec Golner and Daniel Donahue, arrived on scene before the fire department.

Donahue tried to force the door open but was unable to so they broke a window, reached inside and unlocked the door, according to HPD Chief Avery.

According to sources we spoke to the front door had been barricaded from the inside of unit B.

The victim was transported to Southern NH Medical and later transported to a Boston hospital with serious injuries.

Hudson fire arrived on scene and worked to extinguish the fire in 40 minutes.

Monday morning a large number of investigators arrived on scene, and the level of investigators increased during the day.

Members of Hudson Fire, Hudson Police, NH Fire Marshal Office, Nashua Bomb Technicians, and the NH Incident Command Center truck.

Sources familiar with the owner of the building, and tenant advised the renter of Unit B was scheduled to be evicted this week on Wednesday.

At this time the investigation surrounds the cause of the fire, however, a search warrant has been issued which allows the authorities to expand the scope of the investigation.

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Fire photos of fire/firefighters courtesy David Morin