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District Chief:Brendan Burns

Type of Incident:Building fire Date: 12/09/16

Address: 43 Whitney Ave.

Time:0549 Under Control:0611 All Out: 0700

Number/Type Apparatus: 4 engines, 2 ladders, 1 rescue, 1 ambulance

Number of Alarms: 1

Incident Summary: Single call from the homeowner reporting a smoke condition in the basement.Within 5 minutes Engine 5 from Webster st arrived and reported a heavy smoke condition throughout the building and a fire in the basement. Two hoselines were stretched and the fire was extinguished and placed under control in twenty minutes. Building was searched and ventilated and turned over to the Fire Prevention Bureau for further investigation.Fire does not appear suspicious at his time. No injuries to civillians or firefighters.

Extent of Damages: approx. $20,000.00

Civilians Injured: 0

Firefighters Injured: 0

Building Owner: