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MFD and AMR were dispatched to a medical call in Manchester. On their arrival they found a man who was over 800 pounds suffering from medical issues and requiring medical attention. The man needed to be transported Hospital for care.

MFD Engine 7 called in Truck 7, Rescue 1, Utility 1, AMR Supervisor, and a second AMR ambulance for manpower. The decision was made the best solution would be to build a ramp from the front steps into the ambulance. Using saws, hammers, cribbing material, and a lot of wood MFD went to work creating the device to extricate the man.

The video shows MFD working to remove the door, and build the ramp for over 1 hour. The man was eventually removed from the house with cheers from the crew as he safely entered the ambulance. He was transported to the Elliot where Engine 11 joined the crews to assist them in bringing the patient into the hospital with the assistance of the Elliot Hospital staff.

MFD and AMR offering the assistance they did allowed him to seek the medical help he needed at the hospital.

©Jeffrey Hastings