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FOM 2021-3606

FOM 2021-3606

HUDSON, NH - On October 8, 2021 Hudson Fire was notified of a propane truck with an active leak outside the Goodwill retail store on Wason Rd near Lowell Rd. Friday.

On their arrival at about 9:15 a.m., they requested a mutual aid response from several surrounding towns and cities and had Hudson Police shut down area roads.

The truck was carrying about 700 gallons of propane and for unknown reasons began to leak. Hudson fire and police evacuated the Goodwill store and some area businesses.

Firefighters set up hose lines, and surrounded the area of the truck as the leak was analyzed. After about 30 minutes the leak was controlled, and firefighters began checking the area for gas readings.

More information will be updated as it becomes available

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