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Nashua Fire Extinguish Basement Fire In Heavily Cluttered House

Nashua Fire Rescue responded to 17 Edinburgh Drive for a building fire. Engine 6, Engine 3, Ladder 3, the Deputy Chief, Engine 1 (firefighter safety crew), and an AMR Ambulance responded.

Engine 6 arrived and reported smoke showing from a one-story wood-frame single-family dwelling. They investigated further and reported a working fire in the cellar. Engine 2 and Special Hazards 1 responded to the working fire. The only occupant home at the time of the fire was out of the building when we arrived. Engine 6 entered the cellar with a 1 ¾” hose line and knocked down the main body of fire. Engine 3 stretched a back-up 1 ¾” hose line into the cellar. Ladder 3 set up for ventilation and did a primary search of the basement. Engine 2 stretched a 1 ¾” hose line to the first floor and did a primary search. Special Hazards 1 checked for fire extension on the first floor. Engine 1 and the AMR Ambulance stood by as a standard procedural precaution.

The finished cellar sustained major fire damage. The fire was confined to the cellar. There was smoke damage to the first floor. There were no injuries.

Nashua Police assisted with traffic and informational gathering at the scene. They are assisting the Nashua Fire Marshal’s Office with the fire investigation.

Special Hazards Encountered: Limited access and ventilation in the cellar. Severe clutter conditions.

©Jeffrey Hastings
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