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FOM 2021-6220

FOM 2021-6220

CONCORD, NH - Members of several departments came together for a presentation on firework safety at a press conference held by the New Hampshire Department of Safety.

New Hampshire Department of Safety Commissioner Robert Quinn joined State Fire Marshal Sean Toomey, State Police Bomb Squad Commander Sergeant Jeffrey Dade, and Chief of the NH Forest Protection Steve Sherman to discuss fireworks safety leading into the Fourth of July Weekend.

Every year the Fourth of July brings many people together to celebrate the holiday, and fireworks become part of many celebrations. “Our goal is to reduce deaths and injuries, and keep people safe,” said Commissioner Robert Quinn. “So, my message is simple; ‘I want everyone to be safe this Fourth of July.’ I want every Fourth of July celebration to start and end safely.”

“In New Hampshire, 90 percent of the wildfires are human caused and we lose more than 200 acres annually to wildfires,” said Chief Steve Sherman of the NH Forest Protection Bureau. “While it’s easy to understand that campfires cause wildfires, fireworks also cause wildfires here in New Hampshire. Even something small like a sparkler could set off a wildfire. That’s why it’s important for people to be prepared this weekend.”

A demonstration was held by members of the New Hampshire State Police Bomb Squad to show the injuries that can be caused with illegal or improperly used fireworks. Watch NHSP Sgt Jeff Dade explain some of the demonstrations:

“Please remember to always follow the manufacturer’s instructions so that permissible fireworks are used in a safe and appropriate manner,” said NH State Police Bomb Squad Commander, Sergeant Jeffery Dade. “Homemade fireworks are not only illegal but also a danger to the user and everyone around. Never modify consumer fireworks or make your own.”

“If you are going to enjoy fireworks as part of your celebration, we ask that you be prepared, be resp