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FOM 2020-4360

FOM 2020-4360

The Manchester Fire Department is constantly training to sharpen their skills to be used when incidents occur.

One of the challenges that MFD faces is being able to access buildings on streets lined with wires, and a small amount of room to work in.

Manchester fire Truck 3 personnel set up the truck on Manchester Street near Wilson in effort to train on working around several power lines. The training allows
personnel to learn different techniques to reach multiple parts of the building for rescues, and fire fighting.

Truck 3 is part of Station 10 on Mammoth Rd. Station 10 has two pieces of apparatus - Engine 10, and Truck 3. Staffing for the station is provided to be able to use one of the two pieces of apparatus based on what the specific call requires. Station 10 also is where the “Air Truck” is that can be brought to a scene to refill tanks the firefighters use to be able to safely breath while fighting fires.

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