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Ron's Review Of Star Wars

A dying man’s wish was see the new “Star Wars” movie had his wish come true with the hard work of some community volunteers.

Ron Villemaire, 69, is terminally ill and is in hospice care in Bedford, New Hampshire at Bedford Hills Hospice. His daughter Elizabeth Ngo had bought tickets well ahead of time to ensure she could take him. Due to his decline in health there was no way he could go to the theater under regular conditions.

Elizabeth shared her story with local media and the response was instant and overwhelming. Bedford, NH Fire Department, and New Boston, NH Fire went to work coordinating what would be needed to transport him to the theater.

The owners of O’Neill Theaters in Epping, NH stepped in and offered a theater to accommodate a hospital bed. Epping, NH Fire coordinated getting a hospital bed brought to the theater.

Saturday morning Bedford, NH Fire Department arrived at the facility where Villemaire is in hospice. BFD, was assisted by New Boston Fire, Four Storm Troopers, and Darth Vader. A representative from the US Air Force recognized him with a special pin, and thanked him for his service as a member of the US Airfare.

The group of volunteers of the 501 st New England Garrison was there in full strength representing the Star Wars actors.

Villemaire was transfered to a stretcher and escorted to the ambulance “under guard” of the Storm Troopers. Residence of the facility looked on in amazement as he was wheeled to the ambulance. Villemiere gave a salute to the Troopers and was off to the movies.

After a 30 minute ride to Epping he was greeted by the owners of the theater, Epping, NH Fire Department and a large crowd of relatives including his daughter Elizabeth. As he was wheeled in to the theater applause broke out from others in the movie theater. Cast members of the movie from the 5o1st lined the halls.

After a few thank you handshakes and hugs he was transferred to the hospital bed, given some popcorn and was ready to enjoy the special movie with his family, friends and others.

After the movie was complete Ron said it is the best Star Wars movie so far and said it is definitely deserves five stars

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