MERRIMACK, NH - A large crowd gathered at Last Rest Cemetery for a short ceremony Saturday before placing more than 500 wreaths on veterans gravesites. The snow had just begun to fall bringing a winter feel, but didn’t deter people coming out.

About 150 people from Merrimack and neighboring towns have worked to raise funds for Wreaths Across America. Monday a convoy of trucks traveling to the Arlington National Cemetery was escorted into Merrimack by a police and fire escort.

Wreaths were labeled and divided for different parts of the cemetery. Adults and children placed the wreaths, read the Veteran’s name, and paused for a moment of silence.

Several members of the Boy Scouts, and Girl Scouts assembled to assist in the placing of the wreaths. A eight grader from the Merrimack Girl Scouts played her trumpet just before the wreaths were placed.

©Jeffrey Hastings
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