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Heroes In Action Showing Unbelievable Compassion

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Heroes In Action Showing Unbelievable Compassion

July 29, 2017 - Manchester, NH  -  A call came in for a male unconscious / unresponsive in the men's room of the Dunkin Donuts on Candia Rd. Dispatch labeled it as a possible overdose situation. AMR, MFD, and MPD all responded to the scene as well as we did to document the situation as part of an opioid photo documentary we are working on. 

Upon arrival, a Dunkin's employee was standing outside with a small boy approx 8 years old who was visibly upset and the employee was comforting him. MFD engine 8 arrived at the scene entering the building and updating that they had an apparent overdose, unresponsive male.  AMR ALS 4 quickly arrived on scene and entered the building. MFD arrived including MPD Sgt Cunningham who quickly engaged with the Dunkins employee and the young boy.  Sgt Cunningham knelt down to be at the boys level and began speaking to him and comforting him. 

AMR / MFD continued to work the patient inside the building out of the view of the child.  One of the AMR medics came out and spoke to the boy and let MPD know they were going to be coming out.  

MPD officers took the boy over to the patio area where they spoke to him, calmed him, and kept him from the view of the adult male who had was being treated. The two MPD officers could be seen having conversations and keeping him engaged with them.

The adult male was removed from the building on a stretcher and according to radio communications with the hospital, he had been revived with Narcan the opiate reversing drug. 

MPD searched the area for a potential car the male and boy came in. Sgt Cunningham called a relative who appeared in a short amount of time to take custody of the boy. As an observer based on age, it appeared to be the child's grandparents.

At this moment I ask you to concentrate on several heroes at the Candia Rd incident.  

2 MFD Fire Fighters

1 MFD Lieutenant

2 AMR EMT’s / Paramedics

1 MPD Sergent

2 MPD Officers

1 Dunkin Donut Employee

Yes, we can all throw stones at the adult male and focus on bad decisions, but let us concentrate right now on the heroes and 1 young victim.   All these heroes have to do this day after day and go home with it in their head. The young child is a victim having to face this at approx 8 years old and we should label him as a hero also.

Please, people, reach out and think about Fire, EMS, and Police and what they are facing in this opioid.  We were able to document and share this with you, hopefully, it will help make everyone realize the people affected.

All I can say is a great job, and PLEASE concentrate on the heroes not the negatives for a moment.

Photos of scene -


***Note this is part of a photo documentary we are working on to show all the people affected by the drug epidemic in the Southern, NH area. Should you have a personal story you would like to meet and tell us about please contact us at




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