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CONCORD, NH - Firefighters, family, and friends gathered in Concord on September 24, 2022, at the NH Fallen Firefighters Memorial’s 16th annual ceremony.
The ceremony reflects and honors the 92 New Hampshire firefighters who have lost their lives in the line of duty serving their communities
They regularly put the lives of others before theirs, and are committed to saving lives. Firefighters in New Hampshire respond to over 450,000 fire and EMS calls each year, providing service to over 1.3 million people. They regularly put the lives of others before theirs, and are committed to saving lives.
The name of Jeffrey Whitcomb a former Littleton fire captain and senior instructor at the Fire Academy was added to the memorial. Captain Whitcomb died in the line of duty in October 2021 in a training accident.
State Fire Marshal Sean Toomey said Jeff dedicated over 25 years to the New Hampshire fire service. And I think it's important to recognize him and his family for the contributions they gave.
Carlene Whitcomb, Jeff's wife said the ceremony was absolutely lovely and so honored to have been here and have the respect shown to my husband. We're just thrilled. The fire service has been very very good to us.
The memorial was created and dedicated in September 2006. Recently a team of volunteers, and local companies made significant upgrades to the memorial that needed repairs.
The repairs will stabilize the memorial and add sustainability. Funding for the memorial comes mostly from private and business donations, and only receives a small amount of funding from the state.
The New Hampshire State Firemens Association provides ongoing service and maintenance to the Fallen Firefighters Memorial in Concord, NH. People can learn more about fundraising efforts by Clicking Here
The Firemans Association also provides emergency assistance funds for families of any firefighters in NH that are injured or killed in the line of duty.
Those people who wish to order a brick in honor of someone, or raise funds for the memorial can do so by clicking here Clicking Here
A full gallery of the photographs from the ceremony is available for free downloading and sharing courtesy of Jeffrey Hastings of Frame of Mind Photo at NH Fallen Firefighters Memorial Ceremony
©Jeffrey Hastings
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