MFD Misc 2021MFD Fire 356 Whitney Ave 12-26-21MFD ACC Second St With Entrapment 12-19-21MFD Presentation LargeMFD Fire 196 Peabody Ave 11-15-21MFD 3-Alarm 8 Dutton St 11-6-21MFD Fire 74 to 76 Massabesic St 11-4-21MFD ACC Rollover Maple St 9-26-21MFD Fire 2255 Goffs Falls Rd 8-14-21MFD Fire 595 Pine St 8-12-21MFD Retirement DC Chiasson 7-31-21MFD Fire 409 Laurel St 6-12-21MFD 3-Alarm 105 Prospect 6-27-21MFD Fire 9 Rogers St 6-22-21MFD Promotions & Swearing In Ceremony 6-14-21MFD Capt Gregg Chouinard Retires 5-25-21MFD Fire 633 Varney Street 5-15-21MFD Fire 667 Corning Road 5-13-21MFD Fire 95 River Rd 5-5-21MFD Fire 625 Chestnut St 5-5-21MFD Fire 398 Bridge St 4-14-21Bob Welch Retirement 3-16-21MFD ACC Car on top of Car 3-14-21MFD River "Rescue" 3-1-21MFD Engine 11 - Truck 1 Training 2-5-21MFD Truck 3 Training 2-10-21MFD New Truck 1 1-24-21MFD Working Fire 1070 Hayward Sr 1-19-21MFD 2-Alarm 368 Lake Ave 1-7-21